These are the guys who make it happen at the rink and behind the scenes. What makes us good at what we do? Like any successful team, our coaching staff is always aiming to improve and would do anything for one another.

Meet the Team

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Barry O’Neil

Founder - On Ice Director

Chris Harlow

Head of Player Development

Kyle Shapiro

Skill Development Coach

Stefan Demopolous

Skill Development Coach

Head of CCH Tournament Teams U18 and U16

Justin Holiday   Skills Coach & Off Ice Director

Justin Holiday

Skills Coach & Off Ice Director

Anton Zemba   Goalie Coach and Video Editing

Anton Zemba

Goalie Coach and Video Editing

Addie Weeks   Youth Development  Social Media Guru

Addie Weeks

Youth Development

Social Media Guru

David Skarbek   Skills Coach

David Skarbek

Skills Coach

Steve Leonard   Skills Coach

Steve Leonard

Skills Coach

“My favorite part about coaching is knowing you’ve made a positive impact on a players day. It’s a great feeling to see players excited to come to the rink and learn from myself and our coaches. To be able to provide so many opportunities to hockey players across Cape Cod is something I am proud of.”
— Barry
“To me there is nothing that I enjoy more than being on the ice. As a coach, I am constantly looking for ways that I can improve myself along with my peers and the players that I coach.”
— Chris
“I started coaching to educate players both on and off the ice and help guide them to a path for success, in hockey and in life.”
— Kyle
“I Emphasize fun, team work, and player development. While keeping in mind the life lessons hockey can teach about character, leadership, confidence, and
— Stefan
Hockey has always helped given me the best opportunities in life and I want to help those that play see what hockey really can provide for them!
— Justin
My objective is to provide a solid and effective framework for young goalies to build their individual game upon. I aim to establish a strong mindset in each student that will emphasize work ethic, persistence, mental strength, and most importantly, enjoyment in the game!
— Anton
I coach to give back and hopefully positively impact the lives of the players I work with. Some of the most formative influences in my life have been my past coaches who taught me not how to just be a better hockey player, but an overall better person off the ice too.
— Addie
I really enjoy coaching and working with younger players on and off the ice. It’s fun for me to be on the ice and teach kids new ways to improve their game.
— Dave