Thank you for participating in the first annual BAHL’s Summer League at Gallo Ice Arena. We’re excited to get started and have some fun this summer! The goal of the BAHL’s Summer League is to have a good skate once a week, have some fun with our buddies, then do it all over again next week. Let’s make sure, as always, we are respectful of the locker rooms and parking lots when the night comes to a close. Winner of the league gets the trophy for the year, shirts for their team, and of course bragging rights!

See you at the rink,


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 League Rules:

Fighting - 5 Minute Penalty, Game Misconduct, Game suspension. Second fight you are done for remainder of the summer.

Penalties - 1:30 running time.

Win = 2 points

Shootout Loss = 0 points

If tied after regulation 3 man shootout, until we have a winner.

Tie Breaker comes down to head to head at the end of the year if needed.

Adding players: All players must participate in more than half of the regular season games in order to play on August 12th & 19th. No one is going to keep track of games played, so we’re going with the good old honor system.

No time outs until playoffs.

If score is within 2, last 2 minutes of the game is stopped time (playoffs only).

Timing: 5 Minute warm up, 3 periods of 15 minutes running time. Regular season no overtime straight to shootout. Playoffs we will play a 3v3 overtime until we have a winner.

Complaint department is closed for the summer so if you have questions, comments, or concerns, keep them to yourself and lets have a good summer!