The Story of CCH

We knew when we were young that this was a special game and we found comfort and purpose at the rink.

Cape Cod Hockey began when I was living with my parents and was fortunate enough to have saved some money from my previous job which allowed me to pay for ice, jerseys, equipment, and 4 coaches. I drained my bank account at a chance to follow a dream of mine. With no money, big name players to promote, or a local following… the cards were stacked against us to get off the ground.

Our first week of camp came we had a little over a dozen players ranging from 8 up to 15 years old (Almost all of which are still with us to this day). “First impressions are lasting impressions.” We made sure that first week was the best week of hockey camp that group of players had ever had, in hopes they would tell their friends to join us for week two. Sure enough the following week we had 3 or 4 new sign ups. That trend continued throughout the summer until the end where we had roughly 25 players participating in our program. This was exciting! With the on ice help of Chris Harlow, Evan Jones, Natalie Flynn, and Anton Zemba we had a successful first summer.

After that first summer we continued coaching small groups, private lessons, and skills for local youth organizations. As spring approached we began to spread the word that we would be coming back for our second summer as a group.

During our second summer the CCH family got a little bigger. We grew to 13 coaches, (Chris Harlow, Evan Jones, Kyle Shapiro, Stefan Demopolous, Addie Weeks, Anton Zemba, Justin Holiday, David Skarbek, Steven Leonard, Sam Valentine, Gus Butler, Brendan Murphy, and myself) 154 players, and 3 rinks across Cape Cod (Tony Kent Arena, Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena, and Falmouth Ice Arena).

Now as we approach our 3rd year of Cape Cod Hockey we look to continue to provide quality coaching each time we step on the ice, add new programs and products, and help players to grow as hockey players and more importantly people.

See you at the rink soon!