Youth 14 and Under 2019 CCH Summer Camp (8 Week Package) 7/8-8/30

Copy of Summer 2019 (8 Week Package)
Copy of Summer 2019 (8 Week Package)

Youth 14 and Under 2019 CCH Summer Camp (8 Week Package) 7/8-8/30


Players 10-14 Years of Age

(No first time skaters, See Program Section for “Learn to Skate”)

July 8th - August 30th - Tony Kent Ice Arena

Monday Wednesday Friday

7:40am Drop off Sign In

8:10-9:10am On Ice

9:25-10:10am Off Ice with ADAPT

10:10am Sign Out and Pick Up

Players will receive 48 hours of Age Specific coaching on and off ice from current collegiate and professional players, skills coaches, and off ice trainers. Our 14 and Under program is designed to teach the fundamental parts of hockey, encourage all our players in a positive way, and provide a culture of learning, competition, and most all fun. We will introduce body contact to those old enough, and teach proper positioning, how to avoid head contact, as well as how to avoid injury. Throughout the 8 weeks we will be breaking down techniques, replacing bad habits with good ones, and forming relationships with each individual player. This relationship building process allows our coaches to understand what your player needs work on the most, and how best to communicate that to the player.

I guarantee all of our programs. If your player shows up early, with a positive attitude, and is willing to learn he/she will get better or I’ll refund 100% of your paid tuition.

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