2Nut Tune Up Camp - College/Pro


2Nut Tune Up Camp - College/Pro

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Tune it up! We’re excited to announce the Second Annual 2Nut Tune Up Camp.

Where is the 2Nut Tune Up Camp?

Tony Kent Arena - 8 S Gages Way, South Dennis, MA 02660

When is the 2Nut Tune Up Camp ?

8/19/19 - 8/23/19

Whats the Tune Up Camp about?

The Tune Up Camp is designed for high end players to tune up their game before the season starts. Its a great way to get ready for the speed of the upcoming season, get plenty of puck touches, and lots of ice time. We will have morning/afternoon practices followed later on by a full ice 4v4 game at night.

Where should I stay?

Most of the players stay in an airbnb or hotel for the week. We recommend getting a place close to the rink and the beach in the Dennis area.

What do you get?

Players will receive jerseys, socks, shirts, tape, sport drinks and energy/protien bars from our sponsors. Camp sponsors like Howies Hockey, 24 Hockey, Hockey Players For Humanities, and Cape Cod Hockey, will be giving away apparel and various gear throughout the week. We will have a few different vendors at the rink displaying their hockey products and doing give aways as well.

Giving Back:

As many of your know, the reason we started this camp was to help raise awareness in young adults in the hockey community that testicular cancer is a real danger and that it is easily detectable if you check. Catching it early is the difference between life and death and we want these guys to realize the importance of “checking their bag” before they go to the rink. We are going to be collecting donations again this year and trying to beat our goal from last year. We raised a lot of money for it last year and hope to do even better this time around.